Start Christian singles dating divorced men

Christian singles dating divorced men

Where at one time, a woman offering tea to a gentleman was seen as an act of hospitality, now it could easily be viewed (in the wishful mind of the male) as a “come on”, because common courtesy has become so rare.

Go to any bookstore, or even on the internet, and you will find scores of information about how to flirt.

Another thing to be noticed is that in well over 50% of the material you read about flirting, there is the ultimate goal of sexual seduction. For example: John finds Suzie attractive and tells her so, not to get her in bed, but because he really means it. But, let’s say John finds Suzy attractive, but his statement is: “You really make me hot just looking at you!

Whether intended or not, people can be aroused by words (unless they’re well prayed up and determined to practice self-control). ” Well, aside from being tacky, it’s “flattery without merit”.

Suzie is attractive, to be sure, but she is in no way trying to “turn” John on.

John is hoping that, by telling Suzie this, she will get as turned on as he is. KANA, used in Job , means to “humiliate or bring into subjection”. 12:3 the word CHELQAH is used, which means “smoothness or slipperiness”. Evangelist Luis Palua takes exception to people making love into a sport via flirting:”Sexual holiness demands we not play games in flirting, body language, and clothing”.

She points out that the “ratio” amongst older singles is definitely balanced in favor of the men, and that too man Christian women have bought into the lie that they have to “market themselves” in order to obtain a man’s interest and compete in the singles arena.

1- A relationship based upon powerful, but fading, attractions 2- The failure to base the relationship on long-lasting characteristics 3- Drawing to yourself men who are acting upon “sexual suggestion” 4- Drawing to yourself men “who don’t know how to love and care for a woman of integrity and grace” If we look closely at each of these, we see where each can have devastating affects in the long run.

These items or persons were to be a tithe, in effect, and couldn’t be “redeemed”, as could other tithes. It plays at relationships with no serious intention, which devalues the kind of man-woman relationships that God wants people to build”.