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He is almost a slave to them." Puberty Ceremony An Apache girl, modest and chaste, knew her value would be ratified at her puberty ceremony, four days of song, dance, feasting and ritual, when her family and band ushered her into womanhood.

The girl and her female relatives build the house." After marriage, in a custom which anthropologists call "avoidance," the woman’s husband could not associate with, nor even look at, her mother, her father nor her grandmothers.

Nevertheless, her husband must "bring in" game for the family.

All were invited." The young woman had her face marked with pollen, the symbol of life and procreation, by her counselor and guide. "This feast has been handed down for many, many years…..

All the singing is supposed to work out the future life for the girl in order…that she have long life. The ceremony works good luck for everyone that takes part in it and good luck for the old people during the time of the ceremony, also good luck for the spectators.

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She would count on masked dancers, symbolic mountain spirits who wore headdresses mounted above buckskin hoods, to bless the ceremony, drive away evil and entertain the guests. The [White Painted Woman and Child of the Water deities] gave the people the round dance to enjoy, but this was not to begin until after the performance of the masked dancers was over.

"…when all was ready," said one of Opler’s informants, the young woman’s family "let many know, and they came from far places. After that came the partner dances." "All the Indians enjoy the feast—poor and rich, the able-bodied and the lame and blind," said another Opler informant.

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