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Who is mark burnett dating

They are two of America's most beloved comic actresses.

They explored Southborough’s 19th century industrial past, visited two cemeteries (including the old, isolated Catholic cemetery in Hopkinton, a remnant of Puritan New England’s discriminatory past), traced the route to the old Southborough School campus, and toured the Southborough Historical Society’s museum.

The tour was led by SM alumnus Nick Noble ’76, author of both the Southborough Town history (). Lyons and the SM History Research Fellows joined Mr. Mark’s School archives, located in the basement of Thieriot.

Burnett has a sideline as a stand-up comedian, and this is obvious from the quips with which he lightens his writing.

The result is a factual book that is far removed from other dry scientific tomes.

The pair were on stage to introduce the nominees for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy.

However it was the double act between the pair that impressed, as they jostled for space and teased one another.

Jennifer asked Carol if she could touch the famous ear. ' Burnett joked after the display, asking the actress: 'Was it everything you dreamed it would be?

'Replied Jennifer: 'It was everything, everything, thank you.''As I said, she's kinky!

Jennifer, 48, who had skipped the red carpet, told Carol: 'Wow.

On a night when so many people, all of their dreams will come true tonight, So has mine, because I get to present with my idol, the amazing Carol Burnett.'Deadpan, Carol, 84, replied: 'Thank you sweetheart, thank you. And you, know, i'm happy that you're coming back to television because Will And Grace was one of my favorite shows.'As the room erupted in laughter, Friends star Jennifer pretended not to get the joke, so Carol added quickly: 'I'm just kidding.'During her years presenting her long-running TV variety show, The Carol Burnett Show, the actress always signed off with a slight tug of her left ear - a secret family signal to her grandmother, who raised her.

Throughout the year the History Research Fellows will also have the opportunity to engage with both primary and secondary sources from the wealth of archives, universities, libraries, and museums throughout the area, exposing them to authentic history in action.