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Play anime dating sim online

You can also print out the stencils so that your children can play offline with pencils and markers.

This game kind of looks like the popular game Snake. In Pen Pineapple Five Nights at Freddy's you get to play a special edition of the pen-throwing game based on two internet hypes.

Shoot the pens at the monster-fruit and try to hit them all at the same time to score super combos. In the reaction game Super Pineapple Pen 2, you have to shoot pens into the pineapples, apples, and other fruit. The targets move to a different place on the screen once they’ve been hit.

FGP Plumber Game is a fun plumber game in which you have to fix the jumbled pipeline.

Rearrange the pieces so that the water can flow from one end of the pipe to the other.

Watch out, because they will shoot back if you give them the chance! Fight exciting Pv P and Pv E battles, and forge alliances! Fill in your name and the name of the person you fancy.

In Adam and Eve: Zombies you have to help caveman Adam escape from the zombie cats. Stella has something many girls dream about: thousands of dresses, shoes and accessories. But this makes the choice for the right outfit much harder. You can also fill in multiple people you have your eye on.

Stickman Archer 2 is a fun archery game in which you have to shoot your opponents off their floating platforms using your bow and arrow. Rage War is an amazing MMO empire-building game in which you have to keep hostile towns from ransacking your domain.

Two hits will do, although you can kill your opponents in one go with a headshot. Explore the world map and collect pieces of a mysterious time machine!

Don't give them a chance to hit you with their throwing knives. Can you survive through the ages by collecting resources, investing in developments, and forging trade alliances?

Be quick and estimate where your next enemy will appear! Finally, you will have to survive the Napoleonic Wars!

Set out with your armed car to blow up all your enemies. You will have to cover a certain amount of distance to unlock levels and boss battles!