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When I was young (let's say 14-25) I thought the song was about becoming jaded as one grew older-numb to passions and emotions. Now that I am old (57) I hear it as the passage from life to death. This song totally captures the whole experience-me being the can you feel this-hear me person-him receding. I have always believed in heaven and this has reinforced that.

The song always sounds like its about drugs, but it ain't.

I don't think it matters how anyone interprets the meaning of the lyrics.

We all hear songs through the prism of your own emotions and experience, which is very important to us as individuals but may be entirely different from another person's perspective. I heard this song in a totally different light this evening.

I had 104 and up, fevers at least 4 times and I would get a shot, I remember feeling "comfortably numb" and my body parts feeling bigger and counting them, I don't know why, I was sick one time I've even ran out of my home and the police were looking.

I was 5 maybe, and it was raining which broke my fever at a neighbors house 10 houses down, and I stood there very small trying to come up w/ a reason as to why I was pounding on their door at 3 am, I said I was being chased and in my state I might have thought I was, it was scary to all. Then when I was having my child I was in the 23rd hour of labor and they gave me something for the pain, and I was wasted, in a way that took me back to the days when I had those wild fevers, I told me doctor: "when I am thinking I am talking and when I'm talking I'm really thinking it, coming through in waves."It's wild but I do believe Waters when he says the song is about that feeling, because it's one you cannot accurately describe because right now I am not that person.

I am not a Pink Floyd fan, but this song is powerful, hypnotizing, and I can't get it out of my mind since hearing it sung with Eddie Vedder during the 12-12-12 Concert.

It means a lot to me.....reasons that are only important to me! The following part describes my state further by mentioning "you are only coming through in waves" which is to say that I was very introverted, selfish and off in my head somewhere most of the time.

I again felt out of myself as I kept asking over and over the same question about my son.