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Deaf hearing dating sites

But two-thirds or more of adults over 50 who might benefit from hearing aids don't use them. "One reason the prices remain high is that a fairly small group of companies controls the market," says Dan G. Consumer choice is also limited because hearing aid providers typically contract with only two or three selected manufacturers, says Carole Rogin, president of the Hearing Industries Association (HIA). This includes not only manufacturer's costs like materials and research and development, but also the expenses incurred by the provider: rent, salaries, training, licenses, diagnostic machines, marketing and ongoing patient support.

But for those whose hearing needs a boost in certain situations, a PSAP can amplify sound for a modest price—between $250 and $350 each.

When buying a car, for example, the consumer not only can choose between a Lexus and a Chevrolet, but also decide on particular features, such as wire wheels or gold trim.

Patrick Freuler, chief executive of Audicus, an online company that partners with a German manufacturer to sell private-label hearing aids, makes the point that consumers are not being offered the low-cost choices, but are being presented with only luxury devices. According to an April 2016 issue of the Hearing Review, a trade magazine, some hearing aid providers offer models at prices ranging from under $1,500 to under $500.

It should be noted that the final cost to the consumer will depend on the audiology services that are required and whether or not they are bundled into the price of the hearing aid.