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Keanu reeves rachel weisz dating

But Francis Lawrence’s action-horror flick Keanu Reeves plays John Constantine, a chain-smoking exorcist who knows he’s going to hell after his lung cancer does him in. Well, Terry Mattingly at Get Religion sat bewildered with the rest of us religious-press journalists after the L. Today, at Get Religion, Mattingly highlights some words from the angel Gabriel … Tilda Swinton contradicts the other cast members and the director, who said it’s not a political film. shows us this man’s journey, what he learns about himself, and … I don’t want to go to a movie and come away without something that I can think about, that adds to something. We talk about [these people] as if we are equal to them, but we are not necessarily given to be receptive to certain things. That’s part of what draws some people to films like this—that fascination. Djimon Hounsou: One connection it has for me for me: Africa, and certainly my country [of Benin], is a source of voodoo.

Otherwise the Man Upstairs knows –just like Santa Claus—if you’re telling a lie or if you’re really nice. What was it like, working on a movie set, surrounded by the symbols and the language of this religious tradition? Djimon says this a lot—you didn’t want to go in-depth with the research for your character, because you might find yourself in a place you don’t want to be.

I’ve always thought there is a presence—I do believe in God. I remember when we were learning how to exorcise people. I was wanting for the [ is where you place your hand. There was so much material on the set to read and to find things that you didn’t want to find out.

Here are a few revealing excerpts: (For the record, Mr. Or does it feel more like an elaborate comic book language? So I was coming to it without knowing about that huge comic book cult community. My mom was raised Catholic and fell out of it, and my dad was raised Episcopalian and fell out. Gavin Rossdale: I consider myself a very religious person, but on a much more personal level than the structured religion of necessarily following a particular denomination.

Djimon Hounsou: I don’t think evil is stronger, or I don’t think any of us would be here! Frank Capello: That’s the point of this story—that it has changed, the balance is shifting, something is going wrong. ” Francis Lawrence: [Heaven] is definitely part of John Constantine’s world. That’s the thing about his character—his pride gets in the way of him asking to be let off the hook. When you walk that line with John Constantine, knowing there’s a heaven, there’s a hell—there’s no faith there! They know your story even before you discover where you’re headed.

They’re bringing him in on this film to help us, to guide us in the religion, in a way. And if he’s teaching you how to exorcise people, then that means it happens!

There’s a real sense of evil that is the only explanation for atrocious acts that happen to innocent people on a daily basis. Keanu Reeves: Spirituality is a word that I really don’t feel is something to apply to .

Francis Lawrence: I believe that the world exists in a polarized way. There are people around us who have these kinds of energies about them. This is one subject you don’t want to do much research on it.