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Dvoje od troje ljudi u Hrvatskoj televiziju gleda na mobitelu, tabletu ili laptopu.

I'm going to try harder this next round.' At the end of the day Michelle is left completely exhausted from taking on her role model's routine, however she admits that she likes that the workouts were short and challenging, made good use of cardio equipment, and used a data monitoring system to track her progress over time.

However as poultry stocks swell ahead of Chinese new year a 35-year-old man in the eastern province of Zhejiang has been hospitalised and the World Health Organisation confirms two more people are in hospital with another 88 being sent home.

However this is problematic as this coat changes every time the virus mutates, meaning flu vaccines are only truly effective for a year as the virus will change rapidly, meaning vulnerable patients, such as elderly people, have to have injections every year.

During one of her three-minute long breaks in between sessions she even crumples against the wall while slicked with sweat.

'Even if he doesn't win the fight..respect,' she says of Conor's showdown with Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night, which he eventually lost.

U prvom online dokumentarcu o budućnosti televizije 13 televizijskih legendi prvi put govori o fazama razvoja televizije kroz dosad neispričane detalje iz svojih karijera.

Dokumentarni film nagrađivane filmske ekipe - redatelja Ivana-Gorana Viteza, direktora fotografije Lutve Mekića, montažerke Antonije Mamić i autora specijalnih efekata Andreasa Čogulje - napravljen je u produkciji Native Ad Studija Hanza Medije i Hrvatskog Telekoma.

The first step has her run on the treadmill for 30 minutes to measure her heart rate; that data is then used to personalize her training exercises and create an exercise calendar.