Start Problems with dating a policeman

Problems with dating a policeman

Their duties included apprehending thieves and robbers and capturing runaway slaves.

Under each prefect were "subprefects" who helped collectively with law enforcement in the area.

Some prefects were responsible for handling investigations, much like modern police detectives. The concept of the "prefecture system" spread to other cultures such as Korea and Japan.

One of the oldest, "cop", has largely lost its slang connotations and become a common colloquial term used both by the public and police officers to refer to their profession.

First attested in English in the early 15th century, initially in a range of senses encompassing '(public) policy; state; public order', the word police comes from Middle French police ('public order, administration, government'), Law enforcement in ancient China was carried out by "prefects" for thousands of years since it developed in both the Chu and Jin kingdoms of the Spring and Autumn period.

As police are often interacting with individuals, slang terms are numerous.

Many slang terms for police officers are decades or centuries old with lost etymology.

The police force is usually a public sector service, meaning they are paid through taxes.

Alternative names for police force include constabulary, gendarmerie, police department, police service, crime prevention, protective services, law enforcement agency, civil guard or civic guard.

There was no concept of public prosecution, so victims of crime or their families had to organize and manage the prosecution themselves.

Under the reign of Augustus, when the capital had grown to almost one million inhabitants, 14 wards were created; the wards were protected by seven squads of 1,000 men called "vigiles", who acted as firemen and nightwatchmen.

The marshalcy dates back to the Hundred Years' War, and some historians trace it back to the early 12th century.