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The BB decided to dig deeper and it soon became apparent that the source of much of the recent gossip could be laid at the door of a young David Gower look-a-like first teamer.

BB sticks up for our girls as a trend for exotic lady-friends emerges at the Town !

It may have been as long ago as January 1 1973 that Britain joined the then EEC but it seems that some 38 years later some members of the Town are now fully embracing some of the lesser known benefits of EU membership and Britain’s place in the global economy.

Never one to miss an opportunity in even the most unpromising of situations, he was recently snapped by the long lens of the BB in the lounge bar of Town sponsors The Rose & Crown.

This photographic evidence clearly shows a reaction of unbridled joy as his rohypnol-assisted charms took effect on an unidentified mystery Lithuanian lady.

We at the BB offices would like to think it might be because we are likely to see a touring side from Bangkok visiting Milton Road next year and not for the reasons detailed in our recent salacious tip-off.

The effects of this seismic shift in amorous matters has been noted at the Town’s highest level and fears run wild that such practices may affect on field performances.

I do have a nice leather mini skirt and stripey top number at home but, frankly, I don’t think I have the legs for it.” More elusive individuals went to extreme lengths to conceal their indiscretions.

Catching long serving clubman Pip Weatherington with his guard down was not easy, bearing in mind the beard was whipped off to complete his Pat Butcher look. I’m not being funny but do you know the cost of moisturiser and foundation? Shaun Smalley was another ensnared by the wide reaching arm of The BB.

A Town spokesman said “Well I don’t know what they’re playing at! If you’re taking a girl home to meet the parents and have tea and cakes who would you rather, some foreign bit of stuff or a nice Joanna Lumley or Kate Winslett type, there’s no choice really.

The worry is that clearly these overseas girls have no comprehension of the LBW law and I’ll bet you that none of them can rustle up a tea for 22 players including 4 different sandwiches and homemade sponges.” When asked to comment Ladies XI skipper Fiona Paul didn’t hold back.

In our rush to break this story the BB did not have time to follow up many other leads concerning club members and the potential dilution of the British gene pool.