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Validating competency

Importantly, mindful awareness also intensifies the enjoyment we get from the good times in life.

The default narrative framework for the psycho-educative aspect of MRE is primarily neuro-psychological and draws particularly on the work of Paul Gilbert, Stephen Porges, Peter Levine, Jan Pansepp and Robert Maurer.

This neuro-psychological narrative is relatively culture-neutral and, with appropriate attention to language use, generally easily understood and it promotes a self-forgiving attitude.

MRE frames the cultivation of mindful awareness as a value.

MRE aims to meet the needs of those who want to use mindfulness-based approaches to enhance their resilience in the context of personal development, health education and wellbeing.

There is a risk of enduring invalidation if a goal of daily longer practice is taken as the indicator of being a mindful person, especially if this goal is not achieved, leading to a persistent and recurrent sense of failure each day a longer practice is not undertaken.

It is these perspectives that underpin our rationale that the focus of MRE is primarily on weaving mindfulness into the routines of daily life.

It is also designed as an adjunct for professionals to offer to clients in the context of their established professional practice, e.g.