Start Romeo and lisa maffia dating

Romeo and lisa maffia dating

I was juggling doing a gig on a Saturday night, working in the off-license and looking after Chelsea in the week.

We knew we had all the eyes on us, but the unknown made it exciting." That’s when things really changed for Lisa.

“There was suddenly ridiculous money being pumped into us, video shoots were 100x bigger.

“My stylist at the time really wanted me to be girly, though, and when I didn’t like any of the clothes she brought [to the video shoot], she said to me, ‘OK, design something’.

So I designed my own dress for the ’21 Seconds’ video – the first dress I’d worn since I was a small kid.

“I moved off the estate and onto a main street, but people started putting fan post through the letter box.

I was being recognised, and So Solid Crew were getting more and more famous.“From there, we started getting bookings and our own shows.

The boys were already MC-ing and hosting events long before I touched a mic on a stage.

But after our first record was a success, I was going on stage and being introduced by my own name; people were screaming for me.”So Solid Crew mania was growing and '21 Seconds’ hadn’t even been released yet – until the summer of 2001.“I had no idea what So Solid Crew would become” says Lisa.

I had the typical haters and wanted to respond to them by saying 'but I won't hesitate'.

The studio was absolutely packed with 20 members from So Solid waiting to record their vocals - I was so shy about having to record in front of everyone that I ended up going last."Lisa wasn’t the only one who got a turn at the microphone, either: "My daughter Chelsea is the baby that laughs at the beginning of ’21 Seconds’! ”As for the hype surrounding the track after its release? There was no plan, we were just doing what we loved to do, and that was making great music.

And I wore 2-inch kitten heels that I could not walk in.