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Dating sweet hot ru

In these moments I should focus on adjustment of my desires, dreams, goals. When I like my painted picture, I prefer to find some time for my health and beauty.

There should be some place in his heart for my ethereal love.

The man of my dreams is not scared of actions or changes in his life, he is a little bit romantic as well and loves nature. That is why I like spending my time in the nature together with my dog Benie.

When I am in the nature, I feel such a strong energy and it gives me strength. As for me it is a great practice for both, body and mind.

First of all, the man I'm looking for has to be a good and kind-hearted person.

I'm not in need of someone who will be a Prince Charming or a Super Man...

To my mind, relationship is similar to building the house of your dream.

If we have enough construction materials like understanding, respect for each other and support, our house will be nice and long-lived. I can find beauty in everything and in any new place. I am looking for a man, who will be an ideal just for me.

I like sports very much and go to the gym regularly. My first workout there was to be able to defend myself in bad situations.