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How to get free chat in discrete marriage

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If you’re doing a more advanced campaign you can use a few tools like: Persist IQ, Outreach, Tout, Sales Loft or Yesware.

Do you have your own approach that works to get someone’s email or make contact? [Please note this post has been updated from an original Grow Hack post made in 2013, so some comments below may be dated].

However for this post, we’re focused on what you need for just some simple outreach.

You can use this now, bookmark it for later or pass it off to someone on your team.

This is important, because no matter how compelling you message is, you’re first email will often not work when sent to a busy executive. (Side note: I talk a little about using Built With for a free smaller outreach list research in my last post.) With Clearbit, you can magically create a list of contacts who meet your specific needs including: company size, geography, domain, role and keywords.

It might take up to 8 touches, or even potentially more until you get a response. Their freemium plan will give you all of what you need for a quick list in a Google Spreadsheet. We can start by installing the the Clearbit Google Sheet Add On and open it from within a new Google spreadsheet like so: Once we click “Open” we’ll get a pop up to the right.

The more you can segment list this, the more you can create more targeted messaging. I’m putting this method as #2 to encourage more responsible emailing because once you try it, you’ll realize the power of this type of service.

Plus, you get the benefit of observing the reactions and adjusting based on each batch you send to. If you’re thoughtful, Clear Bit Sheets is an incredible way to build an outreach list.

For this we can use the Discovery tab and voila: Along with employee count, we have a number of other options to filter by including industry, technology they’re using and so forth. Both Clearbit and Built With both offer paid tiers which offer additional searches.

There are other paid services like Datanyze and Mattermark, as well as industry specific lists you can find depending on your topic.

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