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Brian mcfayden dating

Brian Mc Fayden was born on 1st October 1976 in Omaha, Nebraska. He finished his high school from the Ralston High School in Omaha and graduated from Brown Institue.

The television star was also rumored of dating Taylor Bisciotti. The television and radio host Brian was rumored to be in a relationship with Taylor as he shared several posts of them spending lots to time together on his Instagram. Taylor, who works on NFL network also shared her photo with Brian on Instagram, but, both of them have never accepted their relationship rumors officially neither denied them.

They were on a 'date night' and everybody thought they have made their relationship official but the duo did not say anything and also the couple is not seen together for a long time since mid-2016.

As of now, he is working at KGW, the NBC affiliated station in Oregon.

Apart from this, he seems single in the present days.

But they addressed themselves as best friends and never passed such dating clues.

However, in the past, he was in a relationship with the model girlfriend, Heather Knese with whom he also has a son named, Dane Mc Fayden.

Sometimes I'd go home and think "Oh my God, I've no idea what I said today", because you do forget that the cameras are on you.

BRIAN Mc Fadden is dating a high school PE teacher who works in Rochdale - a far cry from the famous exes he's settled down with before.

I thought I would become an easy target, being on a show like that, and I really didn't want to come across like an idiot.

She said: 'I was really worried about how I was going to come across but I was actually really happy with everyone's reaction. I really liked all the people I was working with.'At the start I was a little bit uncomfortable, I mightn't have shown that on screen.

But the couple separated after a certain period due to some unknown reasons.