Start Java repaint not updating

Java repaint not updating

If you’re not sure, check your installed programs to make sure you really have the JDK and not something else. If you’re running on Mac OS X, you may already have a Java JDK installed at /System/Library/Java/Java Virtual Machines/1.6.0.jdk, since it used to ship with the operating system. Or if you don’t want to try JDK 7 on OS X yet, you can install Apple’s JDK 6 as documented here.

You’ll have to pick the platform you’re running on, too.

I’m running Windows 7 64-bit, so I picked the “Windows x64” platform. A JDK isn’t the same as a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java browser plug-in that you may already have installed.

Just change the file names to end in “.zip” instead of “-zip-not-a.doc”, unzip them, import them into Eclipse, and go nuts! Put “Java” and the “Eclipse development environment” in order If you don’t already have it, download and install the Standard Edition of the latest Java Development Kit (the Java SE JDK) from here.

When I downloaded it, the latest version was JDK 7 update 4.

My main point in putting them up here is to give you working starting points for your own stuff and to get you past some common roadblocks, not to instantly transmute you into a super-genius like me.

Quick pro tip for any eager beavers out there: If you already know how to set up an Eclipse workspace and just want to see the money shot, here’s a zip file of the JOGL projects, and here’s another zip file for the tutorial project.

Eclipse is a great sprawling beast, baroque but hyper-useful, and I can’t even try to explain everything about it here. No biggie, just trying to keep it casual up in here.

I’ll just keep to the minimum that we need to make this tutorial work, and you can pick up the rest as you need it. Java Open GL, or yes, “JOGL” as it’s known to those of us in the know, such as myself, is maintained by the super-programmers at Jog Amp.

JOGL is made of two types of files: JAR files that are common to all platforms, and library files (files on Windows, files on Linux, and .jnilib or .dylib files on Mac OS X) that are specific to each platform you want your program to run on.

We’ll put the JOGL JARs in an Eclipse plug-in project, and the JOGL library files in separate Eclipse plug-in fragment projects.

The first time you run Eclipse, it’ll show you the world’s most unhelpful welcome page.