Start Access updating using linked tables

Access updating using linked tables

This makes it a good choice for embedding as a scripting language in larger applications, but also is suitable for introducing programming concepts.

And (of course), read the manual, although this is probably not a good place to .

Lua is a compact language with a clean, conventional syntax which is easy to read.

It is therefore helpful to ensure that any chart titles or labels which contain values such as period descriptions are linked to worksheet cells and can be updated automatically.

You can also use Excel formulas to create words such as 'better, worse, profit, loss, January' which will feed into sentences of the report.

The next step of the project is then a methodical copy and paste exercise.

Copying words and numbers - Copy a single Excel cell containing a word or number.

It is therefore sensible to save your Word document before continuing.

Select the range of cells containing a formatted table (i.e. Position the cursor in Word and select option and click OK.

Position the cursor in Word and select option and OK.

By selecting unformatted text, the value will adopt the formatting of the words around it and will blend into your document.

The Lua User's Wiki is full of useful example source and thoughtful discussion.