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Who is kandi burruss dating 2016

It is shocking because it is coming from his ex-wife. But it is very true that when Kandi found out that Russell was still in contact with the mother of his child, she had to take a rigid decision and had to leave Russell.

She states that he could go without checking on her for months. Moreover, it is also believed that Kandi had no problem letting the father of his daughter go his way, but wanted he pay the million dollars loan that he took from her when they were dating. However, he must have paid the child support to Kandi.

But, it is widely rumored that Russell occasionally pays child support money to Kandi.

Last but not the least, we have to confirm that, the sole owner of indie record label Block Entertainment, Russell is not a gay.

But there are no latest talks of who he is dating currently!

The short-lived relationship of this couple has made the news.

Fidelity was the most important reason why both of them could no longer move ahead together.

We hope that this little biography-article style effort helped you in your information searching process. Kandi is alleged to have visited their homes as well.

Another wiki on his professional to personal life can be accessed via various sources over the media. Kandi and Russell had a very spicy relationship and it bloomed during the 90s.

I found out he was still in a relationship with his other kids’ mom, so I ended our relationship, but I was already pregnant with Riley.”Not exactly an in-depth interview.

Sheree put it best when she explained that some men have a difficult time being a good father if they didn’t have a good father in their life to show them how.

Now I envisioned a smirking Kenya bringing this up at the dinner, despite my source simply saying “the cast” that was until I hear that it was Kandi and Porsha who nearly claim to blows in the restaurant. Which was smart because Kandi already said on the reunion she is not going to tolerate Porsha’s aggression.