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I suspected a stable lifestyle would offer a greater chance at love, or at least some relief from my perpetually single lifestyle.“I could write an article about dating in the climbing world,” I suggested to my editor.

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Me…I could barely find my way out of the kombucha aisle at the Pearl St. I supposed I would worry about that question when and if I got there.“I put a puppy in my Tinder profile,” Adam, a true ladies’ man, said in the Movement bouldering area. I just posed with one from the animal shelter.”It seemed cheesy, but maybe Adam was onto something. I popped and glided, pretending I was Turbo, dancing with a broom in the classic 1980s film . I had never met them, but I knew their ex-boyfriends. The climbing world is tiny, and dating a friend’s ex is almost inevitable. “Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one.” My voice cracked, “Who will dance on the floor in the round.” in the middle of the night. He motioned to four climber women sitting at a table. The witty climber girl downed beer straight from the pitcher.

Dating, like climbing, would be a process of trial and error. The incestuous nature of our community has always bothered me. Later that night, I flopped into bed, taking a Magnum-sized condom out of my pocket.

Each time I squeezed by the couple that were always making out on the stairs I felt more than a twinge of jealousy. I asked where I could find sharks around the mountain town.